VITAL Smart City Traffic Management

Traffic management is a high priority problem for modern cities. Local authorities invest a large amount of money to create innovative solutions for traffic problems in the city. Although modern cities have traffic management software, they generally run detection rules in their own data silo, and work on scheduled predefined queries. VITAL project focuses on the development of a novel smart cities platform, which will enable the integration and semantic interoperability of multiple IoT systems that underpin smart city applications and services. The Complex Event Processor of VITAL framework enables city authorities to run “real-time” complex detection rules over different data sources in addition to their traffic data. This enables forecasting (possible traffic jam points due to bad weather or special days) and predictive decision making for the smart cities, making their traffic management smarter.

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The VITAL Traffic Incident Management scenario aims to support city traffic management authorities in their traffic monitoring activities with a real time incident alert system, with the use of VITAL Complex Event Processor.

The definition of a traffic incident is basically a sudden drop in the average speed value on a specific road. There are over 500 speed sensors located throughout the city of Istanbul. To detect these sudden drops we defined a detection rule as “There is a traffic incident if speed value is decreased more than 30 for the last 3 readings of a specific sensor”. With this rule, defined in VITAL CEP, we can alert city authorities with the help of a web based smart traffic map.

To make the demo run, the following steps are followed;

  • PPI implementation in IMM data silo to make the data available for VITAL framework
  • Data Management Service, pulls the data from IMM data silo and streams these into CEP engine
  • CEP engine runs the defined detection rules over the incoming data streams, and publishes an alert message if it catches an incident
  • Smart traffic map, subscribes to CEP engine and show an alert pop-up whenever it receives an alert message