VITAL Smart Cities

VITAL Smart City Management OS

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VITAL-OS: the IoT operating system for smart cities
VITAL: the future of IoT application development in smart cities
VITAL: the key to managing IoT systems in smart cities

The VITAL-OS offers access to all modules of the VITAL platform. Access it here.

Modern cities are increasingly seeking ICT-driven ways to plan and monitor their sustainable interventions on the urban environment. Such interventions include the development, deployment and operation of IoT-based smart city services. The ability to plan, monitor and manage such IoT based services regardless of the technology platform that empowers them is a key enabler for structuring and organizing city-wide interventions (Smart City Operating System). The VITAL project focuses on the development of a novel replicable smart cities platform OS, which will enable the integration and semantic interoperability of multiple IoT systems that underpin smart city applications and services. One of the core characteristics of this Smart City OS platform is its Core Management OS layer, which aims at providing functionalities for monitoring and controlling in a unified way diverse IoT systems and services, in a plug and play form, allowing the deploy and trial of IoT solutions from one to another city, thereby facilitating the city-wide planning and monitoring of relevant interventions by means of replication of running IoT systems.