VITAL-OS Smart Cities Workshops Series

25 February 2016
London, Istanbul, Athens, Galway, Madrid, Lille, Turin

The second year of the VITAL-IoT project has started and a series of Smart Cities Workshop are scheduled to demonstrate the capabilities of the implemented VITAL operating system (VITAL-OS). On seven different city locations (London, Istanbul, Athens, Galway, Madrid, Lille, Turin) the VITAL platform will be demonstrated and a series of smart city solutions (pilots) will be explained and considered as use case demonstrators. As possible and according to local city authorities and public participation the pilots can be deployed and or using city technology in order to get the city data that is required to get the most from the VITAL-OS platform. 


Organized in the format of small workshop with specific targeted stakeholders the smart cities workshops main objective is to create awareness of the VITAL-OS platform and get insights on usability, performance form attendees and improve the future releases of the VITAL-OS platform. At the pilot part we will involve citizens, software developers, entrepreneurs to also provide a co-creation environment where technology like VITAL-OS can be expose to new ideas for improvement and innovation.


The City Authorities will observe in the smart cities workshop sessions the involvement of citizens and use of IoT technology and how students, entrepreneurs and industry work on collaborative ideas and improve ideas for IoT technologies, conference attendees and developers from companies will benefit form these workshop series also to see edge advances in smart city technology. In the workshop the VITAL platform and architecture is detailed by technical experts and the project coordination to provide the full value of the VITAL-OS project.