VITAL workshop forms cities plan

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Kasper de Graaf

Prof Esref Adali and Prof Sema Oktug of Istanbul Technical University in discussion with Prof Malcolm Garrett of IMAGES&Co.

The third face-to-face plenary meeting of the VITAL Consortium, in Camden Town, coincided with the start of IoT Week 2014. In addition to reporting on the progress of Work Packages, the meeting took the form of a workshop to discuss the potential for genuine IoT innovation and long-term impact.

Hosted by Camden Town Unlimited at the Camden Collective Hub, the two-day meeting was chaired by Gregor Schiele (Insight Centre, Galway). The participating partners included Simon Pitkeathley and Hasanul Hoque (Camden Town), Roberta Caso (Santer Reply), Miguel Mateo (Atos), Esma Dilek and Birgül Danyildiz (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality),  Prof Esref Adali and Prof Sema Oktug (Istanbul Technical University), Nathalie Mitton, Valeria Loscri’ and Ricardo Petrolo (Inria), Fotis Stamatelopoulos (SingularLogic), Prof John Soldatos (AIT), Prof Malcolm Garrett, Prof Paul Lefrère, Prof Sandra Kemp and Kasper de Graaf (IMAGES&Co).

The consortium is continuing to develop and refine the use cases in London and Istanbul, including identification and development of pertinent IoT data. The workshop discussed ontologies, interoperability and factors affecting the virtualised unified access interfaces for the VITAL Platform. It was agreed to explore the possibility of organising a competition for application developers in London and Istanbul using a first iteration of the platform in the Summer of 2015 and the city use case partners plan to arrange a cities workshop in Istanbul in September 2014.