Vital-OS at the Global Smart City Team Challenge

Thursday, November 24, 2016
Martin Serrano, National University of Ireland Galway & Insight Centre for Data Analytics Galway

In the context of Global Initiatives for Smart City Solutions to identify best practices, emerging technologies and to motivate knowledge transfer to industry and to promote open source solutions to the city, the National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST), under the National Initiative “Smart America” and in conjunction with US Ignite, has launched in 2015 the initiative Global Smart City Team Challenge (GCTC).
“The GCTC is an effort to bring together two key groups—communities with challenges and innovators with the technology to overcome them. The GCTC was announced at the White House Smart Cities Forum as part of the Administration's New Smart Cities initiative on Sept. 14, 2015.”
The Galway Smart City: Light Pollution, Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Smart System, an IoT Based project has been evaluated and selected to showcase/demonstrate the capacity to pioneer IoT technology for smart city solutions. The core technology proposed behind this project is VITAL-OS, which is the open platform for connecting city data and analyzing the performance of IoT related smart city systems and promoted as the reference Operating System for Connecting Smart Cities;VITAL-IoT is a European funded project that follows the principles of the Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative. More information can be found at NIST-GCTC challenge 2016 selected cities.

The project is lead by Galway City Council in the west side of Ireland, supported by a Silicon Valley, CA, USA based Company, DEW Mobility, and technically lead by the Insight Centre for Data Analytics that participates in this project to ensure the design of external monitoring for air quality, incidence of light pollution, glare and spillage into the surrounding environment and the noise levels due regard to the commercial and residential amenities of surrounding areas.

In words of the VITAL-IoT Project Coordinator: Dr. Martin Serrano: “The project is an excellent example of EU lead Scientific Research in the form of software open platforms for Smart City solutions”.  “VITAL-OS platform and its use in smart city projects in Ireland also promotes a big jump into adding the international dimension to Irish-based IoT expertise and It is a recognition to the research trajectory and leading innovation (software and hardware) to Irish-based scientists in the development for smart city data solutions and smart city best practices for transforming open source knowledge into market solutions for the cities.