VITAL-IoT Project completion

Monday, December 12, 2016
Dr. Martín Serrano, National University of Ireland Galway, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

During this third and last year of official duration of the project many activities have been carried out and completed and the VITAL-IoT project consolidated as a major success in terms of stakeholder engagement and community creation. 2016 has been an exciting time for the VITAL-IoT consortium!

VITAL-IoT consortium members are proud to have achieved all the planned objectives and milestones alike executed 100% of the planned tasks in the project. Read about the outcomes of the project and the open source release of the VITAL-OS platform and its current deployed instances in Madrid, Spain, and Galway, Ireland. The VITAL-OS platform has been demonstrated in different cities in a series of Smart City Workshop series organized to reach and bring stakeholders, smart city industry and communities together.

The VITAL-IoT project contributed in a big way to the Future Connected Smart Cities community and also promoted the OASC Ireland initiative. At the VITAL-IoT website there are live demonstrators showcasing the VITAL-OS platform and example applications. 

With the quote “A final project review is not all about the end of the road but the beginning of new exciting activities with now VITAL-OS tools and services to succeed” on behalf of the VITAL-IoT project partners, I would like to thank Everybody for all the work done during the project timeframe and, recently, beyond. Special thanks also to the scientific community, in VITAL-IoT we have worked hardly to achieve the full project objectives and overpass them.


Dr. Martin Serrano
VITAL-IoT Project Coordinator