Towards the last mile

Sunday, May 29, 2016
Prof. John Soldatos, AIT - Athens Information Technology


Reporting our technical progress to date

Over the last six months the consortium has focused on integration of the technical modules that had been produced during the first two years of the project. This integration effort comes to complete earlier integration efforts, through ensuring that:

  • All modules of the platform (e.g., CEP, orchestrator, filtering, service/sensor discovery) are used in conjunction with the security module, thus enabling authentication and authorization functionalities.
  • The integrated platform adheres to latest updates of the VITAL architecture, including the introduction of the IoT data adapter (PADA) and the implementation of an interface for directly accessing the PPI from the VITAL applications layer.
  • The VITAL tools (including both development and management tools) are accessible through a single web-based entry point.

An integration server has been therefore setup and an on-line version of the integrated platform is available. The on-line version operates with a set of demo datasets and is used for demonstration of the VITAL platform in the scope of stakeholders’ workshops and dissemination events. In order to support these workshops and the VITAL applications, the project has also implement a number of additional PPIs for the two use cases of the project. Visual tools for defining and introducing new PPIs have been also developed and integrated in the VITAL platform, in order to facilitate integration with new IoT systems and data sources. The following figure provides a snapshot of the on-line version of the vital platform, which is accessible via the integration server.

Following the reviewers’ suggestion, the project has also provided a lightweight PPI implementation over an Arduino device. This implementation has proven both the lightweight nature of the PPI, but also the ease of developing a PPI for a new device or data source. Moreover, along with the integration work outlined above, all partners that provide technical components have realized enhancements over the implementations of these components. For example, the project’s NODE-RED based development tool has been enhanced with new nodes enabling integration of the VITAL CEP and filtering functionalities. Likewise, the management tool has been enhanced with SLA management capabilities.