Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Dr. Martín Serrano, National University of Ireland Galway, Insight Centre for Data Analytics


VITAL-IoT Project organizes Smart City Workshop Series. In 2016 seven European cities will bring together City Technical Officers, Smart City industry Leaders and Entrepreneurs and Developers.

In the context of the workshop series, and particularly Smart City Galway Workshop, the Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland Annual Meet-up (OASC Ireland) took place. In this OASC annual meeting the best practices for smart cities service management, deployments in technology, policy making and latest progress about services and applications were discussed. Smart City relevant stakeholders, including software developers, entrepreneurs, large industrials in the smart city space and city officials meet to discuss future plans and define activities.

In the Smart Cities workshop series smart city topics were covered in depth by a range of specialized and well-recognized Internet of Things technical experts, from IoT technologies (sensor networks, sensing data, stream data processing, methods and protocol implementation) to Industry where service openness, interoperability, service scheduling, delivery, utility management, and their applications with focus on smart cities are discussed.

The Smart City policy and procurement side was also addressed and multiple topics around governance, procurements, public law, regulations were crucial topics that were discussed in this edition of the Smart Cities Workshop.

On behalf of the VITAL-IoT project consortium and as scientific director and Unit Head of the Internet of Things and Stream processing Unit at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, I welcome you and wish you enjoy this year attending the smart cities workshop and the interactive sessions, alike that sharing the experiences with our colleagues in the same way we are following the messages and discussion of our visiting experts “we all benefit in progress towards a more connected society” by means of better and efficient city services and inclusive technology.

Welcome to Galway, Ireland