Smart Cities: The VITAL Connection

Friday, July 31, 2015
The Vital Consortium

The cities landscape is continuously changing as result of the immersion of technology in the cities. The way cities are today technologically equipped and socially organized has changed dramatically in the way that the generation and deployment of better citizen’s services and solutions are more rapidly adopted. Big part of this change is due to the Internet of Things systems adoption, today citizens have more sensed-enabled services and awareness that the operation of a city rely in sensors-based operations and data services; data and sensor services that before were almost impossible to deploy and maintain. The Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing are instruments in the latest scientific and technology wave towards enabling a full life cycle of sensor-enabled city services. The next evolution in the smart cities is looking closer to connected cities via services and systems which will operate autonomically paving the way towards emerging smart regions and smarter nations.

VITAL-IoT project has advanced in this run for connecting cities and have made big progress beyond the hype and among the uncountable number of solutions for smart cities, we have focused on enabling operations to connect cities; from mobility services modeling to complex event detection and real time data processing applications. We have been working on architecting the so-called “Smart City Operating System – Smart City-OS”, an autonomous, resilient system that allows the smooth integration of subsystems in the city and with almost cero-efforts configure, test and run those connected subs-systems. VITAL-IoT demonstrators about bringing new capabilities of smart city systems when their data generation and services are connected rather than isolated have been deployed and released at the most relevant events in IoT and Smart Cities e.g. SiDO 2015, IoT360 2015, NetFutures 2015, ICC 2015, IoT Week 2015, EUCNC 2015. Connecting data services from one smart city to another is a big challenge and quickly innovating new products in this area means a significant competitive advantage and most of the times defining innovation – and often “owning” – the market.

Through our newsletters and website we aim to inform stakeholders, systems integrators, smart city solution makers and the general public about the progress of the VITAL-IoT project. Main achievements lately have been the setup of complex event processing services over real traffic data in Istanbul (a participant city in the consortium) and the design of the mobility services based on a job seekers Camden city platform for working desks availability, both real problems for the city and their citizens and using real sets of information. First implementations are available now in our VITAL-IoT/Live demos section, and an initial version of the dashboard for the Smart City operating Systems is also available. The sections in this newsletter provides further details and pointers to the progress and outcomes in the period about VITAL-IoT project. Follow VITAL-IoT activities via this website.