Meet IoT, the mayor event in Internet of Things domain in italy

Monday, October 5, 2015
Roberta Caso, Santer Reply SpA

Meet IoT is an important event in the IoT domain aiming to show how research and technological progress in this field could be used in everyday life by applications and services and how these technologies are impacting the urban environment.

The event took place the 1st and 2nd of October in Turin at Toolbox Coworking and it has been structured in thematic panels, in a scenario-based exhibition and several workshops.

Reply participated acting both as sponsor of the event and exhibitor of VITAL’s solutions and technologies.

The VITAL demonstrations presented the project progress and the implementation of project's concepts, allowing the conference participants to view the novel VITAL system in action. The VITAL booth showcased the Istanbul site live demo where specific sensors from the city of Istanbul are integrated in a monitoring and controlling tool that detects a real time incidents and will predict possible traffic jam due to bad weather or special days in specific points of the city associated with deployed sensors and that are now connected with the VITAL-IoT platform to provide such additional value services.

In a similar fashion the VITAL-IoT platform provides management OS layer for common management plane that unifies all the management information of all components and systems as well as management functionality that can be performed in a unified way to all parts of the VITAL project ecosystem.