IoT Week: IoT Analytics Session

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
John Soldatos

VITAL has had a leading role in the organization of the IoT Analytics session during the IoT week. The session has presented recent results of IoT projects on IoT analytics including projects that dealt with:

  • The collection, consolidation and semantic unification of diverse data streams from heterogeneous sources.
  • The execution of analytics functions/functionalities over the collected data.
  • The implementation of IoT analytics functions based on the appropriate integration of cloud computing, IoT and BigData platforms/infrastructure.
  • Efficient analytics for specific applications (such as public safety and healthcare).
  • Policy issues and guidelines for policy development for issues such as privacy and data protection in the scope of IoT analytics applications.

As part of the session, participants discussed and agreed to propose a new activity chain on IoT analytics as part of the IERC cluster. They also discussed potential research topics that should be addressed by the activity chain, along with stakeholders to be involved. The presentations of the session will be made available through the web page of the conference.