IoT Week 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015
Roberta Caso (Reply)

One of the highlights of the European IoT calendar, IoT Week brings together industry and academia from all over the world to exhibit and discuss current state-of-play and future developments in the Internet of Things. This year, IoT Week took place at the Congress Centre in Lisbon from 16–18 June. The predominant theme was discussion and preparation of future large-scale IoT deployments.



The three-day event focused on three themes, one per day: research, industry and innovation. VITAL took the lead in organising a session on “large-scale IoT analytics” as part of the research day on 16 June, providing participants with a forum for presenting IoT-relevant analytics work within IERC cluster projects. VITAL is itself one such project, providing as it does modules and tools for defining and executing data analytics functions over data streams from multiple IoT platforms and systems in smart cities. Presentations give at the session covered three main areas: (A) IoT analytics architectures and technologies; (B) IoT analytics applications in areas such as public safety and healthcare; (C) the ever important policy issues, including privacy and security.

Also discussed was the potential for developing a new activity chain focused on IoT analytics. This discussion considered a range of topics including prototype systems, datasets suitable for research and experimentation and an exploration of potential interested parties.

VITAL exhibited throughout IoT Week, sharing a booth with fellow EU-funded projects Open-IoT and FIESTA. VITAL’s live demos of the Istanbul and London use cases attracted the attention of several visitors.