First Version of the VITAL Integrated Development and Deployment Environment

Monday, June 22, 2015
John Soldatos

VITAL is developing an integrated development and deployment environment, which will enable solution providers to implement and deploy semantically interoperable solutions based on the VITAL platform. This environment is built over the popular open source Node-RED environment, which is an open-source platform for wiring the Internet of Things (offered based on an Apache 2.0 license).  Node-RED comes with a browser-based flow editor, which enables the design of flows based on a drag-and-drop interface. It wires nodes to create  flows, which  are represented and stored using JSON. The node palette of Node-RED is extensible. In the scope of VITAL we are enhancing it with new nodes and flows that correspond to software and middleware components of the VITAL platform such as the Complex Event Processing (CEP) module, the filtering module and the platform provider interfaces (PPI) to various IoT systems and data sources. In this way, Node-RED is enhanced on the basis of the VITAL toolbox comprising VITAL-related nodes. Each node of the toolbox provides functionalities exposed by components of the VITAL platform. Furthermore, the toolbox is enhanced with nodes providing added-value functionalities, such as an R node enabling the implementation/integration of processing functions of the R project for statistical analysis, which will ease the execution of IoT analytics functions. The toolbox hides implementation and formatting details from developers, thus facilitating application development and integration based on the VITAL platform. In this context, we have also implemented middleware that overcomes the user-less nature of Node-RED by creating and deploying a dedicated Node-RED instance for each VITAL user. In particular, a  component that deals with the mapping between users and Node-RED instances (the router). 

During the VITAL consortium meeting in the IoT Week, we have presented a first prototype of the development and deployment environment, including some sample workflows based on datasets and functionalities implemented in the scope of the VITAL use cases in Istanbul and Camden. This prototype is also described in the scope of VITAL deliverable D5.2, while it will be also presented in the scope of the RESCOM Summer School in Lyon, France. The final version of the VITAL Development and Deployment Environment will be released as open source software.