Final Project Review meeting

Friday, December 2, 2016
Paola Dal Zovo, Santer Reply


The third and final scientific review meeting of the VITAL project has taken place in Brussels on November 30th.

During this meeting, VITAL partners had the opportunity to discuss with  the project’s officer and reviewers the outcomes of the done activities, and the plans for the further evolution and exploitation of the assets, the VITAL Operating System (OS) platform and the know-how, after the end of the project. Many useful suggestions and feedback have been received and are being considered for the future evolution of VITAL-OS.

VITAL-OS components and services have been shown:

- Management as a Service  (MANaaS)

- Composition as a  Service (COMPaaS)

- Security  as a Service  (SECaaS)

- Filtering as a Service (FILaaS)

- Complex Event Processing (CEPaaS)

- Development as a Service  (DEVaaS)

- Data as a Service (DMSaaS)

The use case concerning Smarter Working has been presented. The "53 Spaces" application enables workspace providers in London to publish data about available working spaces and the surrounding location, provides contextual real-time data from a range of systems and sources and enables mobile workers to create profiles and set preferences for optimal choices.

A demo of the implemented Smart Traffic Management use case, aiming at optimizing  the efficiency of the transport Network in Istanbul exploiting various VITAL-OS functionalities, has been shown.

Data from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality traffic sensor system are handled by the VITAL-OS platform. Future traffic is predicted using machine learning algorithms, CEP decision rules are used for incident detection and identification of faulty sensors.

READ (and watch) MORE about Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center and the related use case at