eGovernment Success Stories 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015
Dr. Martin Serrano

From 15–19 March 2015, VITAL presented its advances in developing a smart city operating system (SmartCity-OS) and solutions for connecting smart cities at an eGovernment conference in Bahrain on the theme of Smart Cities Beyond Innovation, which had been organised in the framework of the 2015 Bahrain International eGovernment Forum. VITAL was selected as a successful example of current European smart city projects because of the substantial progress made in the last year and our philosophy focused on enabling new smart city futures. 

VITAL’s architecture, its semantic model, the demonstrators and the continuous development and implementation process are some of the reasons it is widely seen as an example for other projects in the field of smart cities. The potential for enabling data for citizens and emerging open data solutions were the main topics discussed. In addition to VITAL, two other projects were give this recognition for their work in the fields of privacy and security and energy management solutions for smart cities.